General Description of the Institution

"Lorenzo Perosi" Conservatory has the following courses:

1 Composition
1 Experimental composition
1 Music Didactics
1 Conducting
19 Piano
3 Organ
1 Organ composition
7 Violin
2 Viola
1 Cello
1 Experimental Cello
1 Double bass
1 Harp
4 Voice
3 Guitar
3 Flute
4 Clarinet
1 Oboe
1 Basson
2 Trumpet and Trombone
1 Horn
3 Saxophon
2 Percussion
1 Harpsichord
1 Jazz Music
2 Music History
1 Poetic and dramatic literature
3 General Music culture
1 Theatre
1 Subsidiary Organ and Gregorian singing
6 Subsidiary Piano
1 Wind Chamber Music
1 String Chamber Music
1 Orchestra 
1 Choir
3 Chamber Music
1 Score interpretation
12 Theory, solfeggio and musical dictation
1 Electronic Music

The Conservatory has a Library, an Auditorium, 38 lesson rooms, 51 pianos, 3 harpsichords, 1 fortepiano, 2 organs, 2 harps, percussion instruments, string and wind instruments, 1 recording library, 2 audio - video rooms, 1 recording room. The Conservatory "Lorenzo Perosi" is one of the largest Conservatories in Italy for the number of student productions.
It is the only Conservatory in the Molise Region and it is involved in research, teaching,development,promotion,production and occupation.

Every year the Conservatory produces teachers' concerts, student concerts, master classes and promotes meetings and conferences in order to divulgate and encourage international exchange.

The Perosi Conservatory was invited by the Education Ministry to organize specialization courses in Multimedia and Didactic for the Conservatories teaching staff.

Every year the Conservatory publishes a student guide.

Music production

  • Symphony Orchestra

  • Teachers concerts

  • Student Orchestra

  • String Orchestra

  • Conservatory Choir

  • Concert- lessons

  • Student concerts

  • Concerts for local schools

  • The "Music day" project

  • Lyric operas

Research activities

  • Didactic meetings

  • Music interpretation master classes

  • Concert-lessons and public lessons

  • Analysis laboratory

  • Contemporary music laboratory

  • Guide to the listening

  • Methodological Seminaries

The Library

The "Palmiero Giannetti" library was established in 1975 when Luigi D'Ambrosio and Vincenzo Furia, the first donors, offered their books to the conservatory's Library.

Now the "Palmiero Giannetti" Library has more than 13.000 texts (scores, methods,opera scores,orchestra scores,ballet scores etc.), about 200 manuscripts (19th 20th Centuries), more than 100 magazines, more than 800 musical documents (discs, compact discs, tapes etc.)

Specials funds
Carabella fund
Del Colle fund
Furia fund
D'Ambrosio fund
Fiorda fund
Furst-Wulle fund
Selmi fund


  • Music Authors catalogue

  • Music cathalogue

  • Authors catalogue

  • Librettos catalogue

  • Magazine catalogue

    Sound materials catalogue

  • The software is SBN-MUSICA. From 1996 it is possible to consult the Library data bank through PC.

Library hours
From Monday to Friday 10.30h - 13.30h / 16.00h - 18.00h

Library staff
Dr. Tiziana Grande - head librarian
M? Gianni Fidanza - librarian
Antonio Pasqualone - School collaborator
Marco Drago - School collaborator

Teachers and students can ask for loans for a period of 15 days maximum. Texts that are excluded from the loans:

Consulting books

  • Magazines

  • Omnia operas

  • Special funds texts

  • Manuscripts

  • Orchestral materials

  • Original editions preceding 1900 and the publications

protected from the copyright. 

Library e-mail address:   Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

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