2nd Level Courses - Chamber music

General description
“Chamber music” Level II

Qualification awarded
II Level Academic Diploma in Music Discipline – Performing and composing course – Chamber music

Admission requirements
● The first level Academic Diploma or Conservatory diploma or Bachelor
● Admission test with a performance of about 15 minutes duration with pieces chosen by the candidate and a general conversation

Educational and professional goals
The Chamber Music course wants to give to the students a solid preparation concerning the instrumental practice for the concertist profession

Access to further studies
The possibility to accede to the Doctor's degree

Courses structure diagram with credits: 2nd Level - Chamber music

Final examination
In two parts:
1. Performance
2. Thesys or elaborate

Examination and assessment regulation
At the end of every course there is an exam with a grade.
The getting through the exam gives to the student the right to accumulate credits

ECTS departmental co-ordinator

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