2nd Level Courses - Composition

General description
Department 6 “Theory and Analysis,composition and conducting”
“Composition” II Level

Qualification awarded
II Level Academic Diploma in Music Disciplines – Composition

Admission requirements

  • The 1st Level Academic Diploma or Conservatory Diploma or Bachelor
  • Admission test: the candidate will presents own's compositions and exercises of the technics to compose.
    A board of examiners will assess the presented works.
  • A general conversation to test the specific preparation of the candidate.

Educational and professional goal

The course is aimed at a knowledge of compositive abilities through the study of the traditional and contemporary technics of the composition;a knowledge of music languages and of music analysis recents methods;a solid preparation concerning the composer profession in order to be able to operate in Contemporary Music world.

Access to further studies
The possibility of advancing to the Doctor's degree

Courses structure diagram with credits: 2nd Level - Composition

Final examination
The student can chose one of the characteristic and compulsory disciplines.
Final examination:
a) an elaborate about the discipline chosen;
b) other possible elaborates made during the course
c) a discussion about the elaborates

Examination and assessment regulations
At the end of every course there is an exam with a grade.
Getting through the exam give to the student the right to accumulate credits.

ECTS departmental co-ordinator

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